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Brands Don’t Have to Surrender to Amazon Prime Now

klayhuddleston_med Klay Huddleston , VP, Omni-Channel May. 18, 2015

With the expansion of Prime Now, Amazon.com’s one-hour delivery service, brands are being forced to examine their omni-channel efforts in order to adapt, counteract and even take advantage of the retail behemoth’s new strategies. Amazon’s keen interest in owning the last mile has led the company to make massive investments in infrastructure and sacrifice margin …

Are You Ready for Google’s “Mobilegeddon?”

jkocher Jill Kocher , Associate Director, Search Apr. 17, 2015

“Mobilegeddon” hits Google search results on Tuesday, April 21. Whether your business is prepared or not depends entirely on whether Google deems your site mobile friendly. Google will use mobile friendliness as a ranking signal for the first time on April 21. Search results for searchers on mobile devices will favor mobile-friendly sites, and companies …

Apple Watch: Fashion vs. Function, A Dueling Perspective

wethink_ram Resource/Ammirati , Building Open Brands Apr. 8, 2015

In advance of the highly anticipated Apple Watch retail launch, Resource/Ammirati high-end fashion enthusiast Dr. Nita Rollins and mobile expert Jeremy Jacobs sat down with director of media relations Kristyn Wilson to offer their perspectives on the merits of Apple Watch as a nexus of technology and fashion. KRISTYN: What are your predictions for the …

Embracing April Fools Absurdity

daveshaw_med Dave Shaw , Director, Brand Strategy Apr. 3, 2015

Each year, ThinkGeek publishes a round of April Fools-inspired product listings that range from an absurd outlier (a steam-powered video game console) to a biting commentary on society (a 360-degree selfie halo). Also each year, ThinkGeek publishes some kind of joke product that makes nerds like me say, “wait, no seriously, I want that.” In …

SXSW 2015: What We Can Learn From Robert Rodriguez

Jay Donovan Jay Donovan , Associate Director, Strategy Mar. 25, 2015

SXSW is host to so many panels and parties and meetings. It can be four or five days of constant commotion, which is awesome, but also draining. Occasionally at the Austin TX event, an opportunity to see something a little different presents itself. I had just such an opportunity to attend a showing of artwork …

SXSW 2015: What We Can All Learn From Fake Fighting

daveshaw_med Dave Shaw , Director, Brand Strategy Mar. 24, 2015

Though it stings a little bit to admit this in such a public forum, I’m a fan of professional wrestling. Yes, that weird televised pseudo-sport, the one with Hulk Hogan and pulled punches and steel chairs. This is the part where you say “Hello, Dave” and I sit down at the Pro Wrestling Fans Anonymous …

Social at SXSW: Motivation Is at the Core

Tara Tara Yavorsky , Director, Social Mar. 23, 2015

Our annual pilgrimage to SXSW is one part informational and another part observational. We learn quite a bit from “social media experts” pontificating onstage about the rapidly changing social media landscape; however, just as much can be learned about social media by sitting on a park bench in front of the Austin Convention Center. People-watching …

Beyond the Shelf: The Power of Intelligent Packaging

danshust_med Dan Shust , Chief Technology Officer Mar. 20, 2015

Chances are you haven’t given much thought about the box containing your morning cereal or the plastic container filled with your favorite coffee creamer. You simply pull it off the shelf in the store and put it on the shelf in your house. But what if packaging could go beyond the shelf and deliver a …

Bridging the Mobile Experience Gap in 2015

Jeremy_Headshot Jeremy Jacobs , Director, Strategy Feb. 19, 2015

Is 2015 the year that retailers will overcome persistent obstacles in the mobile space and finally embrace a more holistic vision? At the recent Mobile Marketer Mobile FirstLook conference, experts from Forrester, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, GE and others forecasted a positive outlook, but key issues remain. Brands recognize 84 percent of consumers use digital technology during …

Don’t Toss Google Glass Out with the Bath Water

Jay Donovan Jay Donovan , Associate Director, Strategy Jan. 20, 2015

Google Glass is back in the news. The search giant has decided to move its interactive eyewear product, once given the RIP status by PCMag, out of Google X skunkworks and into an internal product team led by Nest Founder Tony Fadell. This doesn’t mean the product is dead, but it won’t receive special support …