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The Endangered State of Belonging: A Preview of Our Global Belonging Study

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney, CEO Jun. 20, 2017

We’re at an exciting juncture in our global investigation of human belonging and brands with global market research and consulting firm Ipsos. From far-ranging and disarmingly candid discussions with 200 citizens of six countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, Germany and the US—a gripping global portrait of the need for a deeper sense of belonging is coming …

SXSW 2017: Cruise Control

Andy Porter Andy Porter, Associate Creative Director Mar. 21, 2017

Are you ready to lean back and let technology take the wheel? It seems it’s that time. After spending a week at SXSW travelling via bus, pedicab, Fasten, Ride Austin and my own two feet, I can tell you, I’m ready. We’ve spent decades imagining and reimagining the future of automobiles, and it seems that …

SXSW 2017: AI’s Next Frontier, Emotion

Kris 2010 - Tight Crop Bright Kris Schultz, Executive Director, Technology Mar. 21, 2017

Each year, the vast program schedule of the SXSW Interactive festival captures the zeitgeist of society’s constantly evolving relationship to technology. I look forward to pouring over the session list each March to discover which new topics appear, which old topics recede into the rear-view mirror, and which topics evolve in interesting directions. One of …

Brand Belonging on Full Display at Super Bowl 51

markgrover_med Mark Hillman, Executive Creative Director Feb. 8, 2017

The Pats weren’t the only ones to make a comeback in Sunday’s big game. Brands (for the most part) stepped it up in a big way over previous years, and I couldn’t help but notice how many of them really reinforced something we’ve been paying a lot of attention to this past year: the notion …

Introducing: The Belonging Brief

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney, CEO Feb. 2, 2017

New year, new…podcast! I’m thrilled to announce The Belonging Brief, a series of half-hour interviews I’ll be conducting with experts, authors and business leaders on the topic of belonging. The concept of belonging, of course, spans multiple disciplines, from marketing to sociology to cultural anthropology. In the business world, it’s not difficult to find CEOs …

What Does It Mean To Belong Today?

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney, CEO Jan. 24, 2017

Belonging has always been an essential ingredient in the business of brand building. This fundamental and universal human need has been increasingly on the minds of those at our agency as we see mounting evidence of the fragile state of belonging in the world today—amid a decline in trust in various companies and institutions, immigration …

An Insider’s Look at CES 2017

Shust_Headshot Dan Shust, Chief Technology Officer Jan. 13, 2017

Observations from R/A CTO Dan Shust and CCO Dennis Bajec from CES We’ve been attending CES religiously for over a decade. When you have been at it for a while, you realize that CES comes in two (and only two) flavors. There’s the “Big Bang” CES that wows you with amazing new innovations you have …

It’s Not a World of Watson. It’s a World With Watson

Shust_Headshot Dan Shust, Chief Technology Officer Nov. 4, 2016

An insider’s look at the first-ever World of Watson 2016 We’re not sure if IBM will be changing the name of this conference in 2017, but when IBM Chairman, CEO and President Ginni Rometty took the stage to deliver this year’s World of Watson keynote speech, she wanted to make a point. “It’s not a …

#shoporg2016: Three Ecommerce Approaches Making the Most of “Buy It To Try It”

NitaRolins Nita Rollins, Ph.D., Executive Director of Cultural Semiotics and Thought Leadership Sep. 22, 2016

Join us at Retail’s Digital Summit for our Buy It To Try It panel. This is the post—with white paper download below—that prompted our presentation. If you’d like more information, contact adecastro@resourceammirati.com. The tough, counterintuitive lesson most retailers have learned is that despite the costs associated with merchandise returns—globally, the industry loses $643 billion annually—offering …

September 14, 2016 (wow)

Nancy Kramer Nancy Kramer, Chief Evangelist of IBM iX Sep. 14, 2016

As I sit in one of my favorite spots in the Resource/Ammirati Columbus office—gazing at our display of old Macintosh computers, it is incredible surreal for me to type today’s date: September 14, 2016. 35 years ago today, in 1981, our company was launched with Apple Computer as our first client. I could not have …