How Victoria’s Secret’s Kid Sister Became a $1B+ Brand

When Victoria’s Secret wanted to accelerate the growth of its new kid sister brand, VS PINK, the retailer tapped longtime partner Resource/Ammirati to connect directly with the PINK girl to drive loyalty and sales.

It’s no surprise that PINK’s millennial target lives her life online. She’s constantly connected, yes—but through research and interviews, we also uncovered that the PINK girl wants to be part of something bigger. These insights helped us create PINK Nation—a first-of-its-kind, mobile-optimized, member-exclusive, interactive community. Over the course of six years, members have enjoyed invitations to exclusive promotions and contests, co-creation opportunities (like Design-a-Tee), PINK-hosted events at their universities, and a social media community eager to talk all things PINK.

And the results speak for themselves. PINK Nation continues to grow, at 10 million fans and counting, with 80,000 new members joining each month. Members spend much more year over year, driving significant incremental revenue for the brand. And the best part is that PINK has become a $1 billion+ brand without relying on traditional advertising.