Tidy Cats Takes on The Tragedy of “Stank Face”

Tidy Cats has often pushed boundaries with its playful and irreverent marketing. Now with the help of Resource/Ammirati, the brand is introducing a fully integrated new campaign sure to grab everyone’s attention—not unlike being hit with the unmistakeable smell of lousy cat litter as you enter a home (but in a good way).

Melding internet culture and the keen consumer insight that many cat owners fear they’ve gone “nose blind” to the smell of litter in their own home, Tidy Cats’ new “Stank Face” campaign puts odor efficacy front and center with the promotion of TidyLock™ Protection, Tidy’s latest innovation guaranteed to solve the smell problem for good.

A dramatic series of slow-motion “Stop the Stank” ads set to a soaring, original opera score introduces viewers to the many faces of Stank Face. The effort also includes a website, print, a television “PSA” featuring actress and cat lover Angela Kinsey, and an ambitious social media influencer campaign tapping popular YouTube personalities Anna Akana, Big Daws, Tessa Violet, Grav3yard Girl, Eh Bee Family and Cole & Marmalade to shed light on the issue and encourage fans to stamp out Stank Face with Tidy Cats TidyLock.