Seagram’s Escapes and Kelly Rowland “Keep It Colorful”

In 2013, North American Breweries handed the Seagram’s Escapes account to Resource/Ammirati. In the two years that followed, our team helped wake up the cooler category and drive growth by taking a fresh look at the core customer and use her as the inspiration for the “Keep It Colorful” campaign. By recasting the brand as an extension of her creative lifestyle, the campaign reinvigorated a dormant category and generated a strong volume increase and growth in overall brand awareness.

In 2016, we continued to evolve the campaign by partnering with Grammy award-winning entertainer Kelly Rowland, who embodies the stylish yet approachable spirit of the brand. The partnership includes limited-edition flavor co-creations with Kelly (Orange Sassy Swirl and Pink Pineapple Passion) and the recording of an exclusive track, “Gimme Love,” which is featured in TV spots airing nationally on BET, Bravo, Lifetime and other cable channels. The partnership with Kelly also includes packaging, print, in-store and social media. The new relationship has driven even more excitement around the campaign, not only reconnecting the brand with current fans by harnessing Kelly’s role as a mother and friend, but also by extending brand awareness among Kelly’s younger fan base.