Turning a Niche Product Into a National Treasure

The company formerly known as “Robert’s American Gourmet” offered delicious children’s snacks, but the company’s diverse product line wasn’t resonating. It needed help stepping out of the natural foods aisle to attract a broader audience.

One SKU, Pirate’s Booty, was by far the company’s most successful. So we built the brand around it—from the packaging out—to infuse it with a sense of rebellious fun.

Resource/Ammirati’s marketing communications—including advertising, packaging and retail activations—conveyed the “better-for-you” benefits of Pirate’s Booty with fun characters and a unique wit that charmed moms and kids alike. Our innovative in-store displays and licensing deals with popular movie franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters, Inc. also helped the brand reach new levels of success. Pirate’s Booty even set sail in the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2014, bringing new attention to the family-friendly brand.

Once a niche brand, Pirate’s Booty is now a national treasure and the natural category captain. The brand’s sales have more than tripled since becoming our client—and we’re helping it expand into new categories, including a new Mac & Cheese product line.