Strong Roots Lead to Stronger Sales

As Americans move away from processed ingredients and embrace more natural alternatives, they’re reaching for little brown packets of Sugar In the Raw to sweeten their coffee or tea. But while the packet is familiar, people don’t realize sugar is just one of the sweeteners In the Raw offers—or that it’s made by a family-owned company.

Resource/Ammirati established In the Raw as a contemporary master brand with “All In The Family,” a multi-media campaign built on an iconic family tree visual positioning the brand as a curator of the best-tasting, highest-quality sweeteners on earth. We used the family tree to both celebrate the company’s deep family roots and to symbolize its growing family of sweeteners.

As a result, In the Raw increased its penetration of key accounts, including growth with Stevia and Monk Fruit; saw its new account acquisition skyrocket; and leveraged a unified look across the entire portfolio for more effective sales support.