Health & Beauty Get Personal(ized)

No two people’s health and shopping needs are alike. So, in partnering with CVS to become the unparalleled wellness leader, Resource/Ammirati created a first-of-its-kind, personalized digital health journey.

In our immersive digital experience, people can access their prescriptions, seek expert advice, highlight refill dates and get prescription reminders sent to their phones. But that’s just the beginning. Utilizing our user experience and technology expertise, we built individualized digital circulars. MyWeeklyAd delivers on-demand sales information that’s relevant to individual customers, letting them see if their favorite products are on sale. It even pinpoints the aisle where products can be found.

We also pioneered a way for CVS to Surprise and Delight customers, utilizing data from the brand’s ExtraCare Cards (the country’s largest loyalty program). CVS now truly caters to the individual, and has seen a 10% increase in online prescription refills and a 55% jump in online sales of cosmetics. With registrations for the personalized experience up 70% since launch, CVS is clearly positioned as the industry’s personalization leader.