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Belonging has always been an essential ingredient in the business of brand building. This fundamental and universal human need has been increasingly on our minds as we see mounting evidence of the fragile state of belonging in the world today, amid eroding trust in companies and institutions, immigration crises, political partisanship, deep economic divides and increased levels of isolation and loneliness, due, paradoxically, to constant digital connectivity.

We starting asking ourselves: What does this perceived breakdown of "belongingness" mean-for individuals, for society and for brands and businesses? What role can/does belonging play in people's lives today? And how have-and will-these shifts recast the role of brands in people's lives?

At Resource/Ammirati, we believe that brands, now more than ever, have a tremendous opportunity to build belonging.

We're thrilled to announce The Belonging Brief, a series of interviews with experts about belonging. Kelly Mooney, CEO of Resource/Ammirati and author of The Open Brand and The Ten Demandments, will join noted authors, academics and executives to explore how the sweeping forces of the modern era-globalism, nationalism, capitalism, consumerism and technology-are evolving our experience of belonging...and what business leaders and marketers can do about it.

Episode 1: Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow

In our debut episode of The Belonging Brief with Kelly Mooney, we welcome Kit Yarrow, an eminent consumer psychologist and author of Gen Buy and Decoding the New Consumer Mind and a regular contributor to Money, Time and Psychology Today on the changing consumer psyche and behavioral economics. The duo discusses the universal human need for belonging, insights into how our individualism has become a somewhat defensive posture that changes the way we shop, and brands that make their consumers feel valued and appreciated.

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