Agility Through Automation

Agility Through Automation , May. 27, 2014

“Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.” – George E. P. Box Each time Sherwin-Williams introduces the newest version of one of its award-winning ColorSnap apps to the world, they have to pass through rigorous Software Quality Assurance (SQA) testing to make sure they are “ready to ship”. This verification process takes …

From Retail Radar to Customer Connections

beacon_we-think_header , Dec. 10, 2013

We often think of our smartphones as tiny computers that we carry around with us—but they also happen to contain some of the most sophisticated radio technology ever made. So it makes sense that companies are developing Mobile Location Analytics technology (or MLA) to track the movements of these devices within stores by homing in …

Bringing Visibility to Online Privacy

we-think_privacy_1 , Oct. 9, 2013

There is a technological arms-race brewing between the advertising industry and privacy policy groups over tracking consumer behavior, with each side taking steps to advance their cause at the cost of the other. Caught in the crossfire of actions for and against Do Not Track, AdChoices and third-party cookies, what does one need to do …

Protecting the Most Important Online Brand – Your Own

Password Header , Sep. 4, 2013

Chances are you’ve heard about a high-profile social media “hack” recently, a celebrity Twitter account being tampered with, or one of the brand takeover stunts pulled on Burger King or Jeep. We’ve seen more serious consequences too, such as the fake tweet from a major news outlet this past April that triggered a “flash crash” …

ABCs of Agile Marketing

Big A little a , Jul. 30, 2013

Earlier this year we looked at how we apply Agile software development methodologies to enable responsive digital experiences—but what’s with the recent groundswell in “agile marketing”? Can it somehow offer brands speed and adaptability that wasn’t possible before? Is there a new process that teams need to learn? Before trying to answer these questions, let’s …

Getting Connected with Graph Data

Tech_Header_Post , Apr. 22, 2013

Database systems have always been a fundamental component of the digital world. There are many types of databases, and they all provide at least two essential functions—collecting and representing information (storage), and querying that information (access). In our social media–driven era, where data is increasingly “connected” and those relationships are highly valued, we have seen …

Sophisticated Experiences Give Rise to New Digital Roles

Gartner, , Mar. 28, 2013

Traditionally, integrating a new digital business system has meant applying some sort of “behind the firewall” solution. But what has become much more interesting is the opportunity to inject functionality into the web experience from outside the firewall and closer to the consumer—making it easier to deliver a personally tailored experience integrated within the consumer’s …

Agile Digital Agencies Will Lead the Way in Experience Integration

Group_Post , Feb. 21, 2013

Agile software engineering methods have gained extensive adoption in the last decade. As we enter the age of sophisticated Experience Engineering, will Agile methodologies prove right for this challenge too? Agile’s primary purpose is to deliver highly usable software, faster and more frequently. The basic approach across all Agile methodologies is to break the work …

Data Collection: What You Need vs. What You Think You Need

20110426_digital_data_computer_privacy_footprint , Jan. 25, 2013

Way back in 2004 we were going to use RFID tags to track and identify every product on the planet. We even joked about implanting them in the backs of people’s necks. The RFID revolution didn’t transpire as rapidly as the pundits and Walmart said it would, and tagging people certainly never became a reality. …

The Responsive Commerce Myth

KeynoteMobile , Dec. 13, 2012

As Responsive Web Design continues to gain momentum, more and more clients want to talk about how it fits into the roadmap for their web experience. For many brands—particularly manufacturers—the benefits are immediately recognized and they tend to move forward with little hesitation. However, retailers tend to be less convinced that RWD (responsive web design) …