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Kelly Mooney


The Endangered State of Belonging: A Preview of Our Global Belonging Study

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney , CEO Jun. 20, 2017

We’re at an exciting juncture in our global investigation of human belonging and brands with global market research and consulting firm Ipsos. From far-ranging and disarmingly candid discussions with 200 citizens of six countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, Germany and the US—a gripping global portrait of the need for a deeper sense of belonging is coming …

Introducing: The Belonging Brief

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney , CEO Feb. 2, 2017

New year, new…podcast! I’m thrilled to announce The Belonging Brief, a series of half-hour interviews I’ll be conducting with experts, authors and business leaders on the topic of belonging. The concept of belonging, of course, spans multiple disciplines, from marketing to sociology to cultural anthropology. In the business world, it’s not difficult to find CEOs …

What Does It Mean To Belong Today?

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney , CEO Jan. 24, 2017

Belonging has always been an essential ingredient in the business of brand building. This fundamental and universal human need has been increasingly on the minds of those at our agency as we see mounting evidence of the fragile state of belonging in the world today—amid a decline in trust in various companies and institutions, immigration …

Adios, Arena District. Hi, 250 High!

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney , CEO Sep. 3, 2015

343 North Front Street has truly been good to Resource/Ammirati. As we walk into the Columbus office on our last day at this location, I’m reflecting on our journey here. In April of 1999, we moved into our space as the very first tenant in Columbus’s Arena District. We even pre-dated the actual arena. At that time, there was …

OPEN Brands Outpace The Pack: The Data After a Decade

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney , CEO Jul. 2, 2015

The year was 2006. Facebook became publicly accessible, Twitter launched (with little fanfare), YouTube completed its beta and saw an acceleration of videos being uploaded, Second Life made the cover of Business Week, Kyle MacDonald had succeeded in trading a red paperclip (ultimately) for a house on eBay and the iPhone was merely speculative Apple …