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Building Open Brands…Emotionally. You In?

Mooney_Headshot Kelly Mooney, CEO Aug. 14, 2012

It’s been more than six years since my initial insight that brand building would fundamentally change due to the rise of social media, the impact of the open source era, and the rapidly changing expectations of consumers. From that insight came a book, a framework and a variety of tools that we’ve used extensively at Resource to develop priorities, experience strategies and measurement solutions for our clients.

We’ve learned A LOT along the way and we continue to think deeply about how open branding is a much bigger concept and shift than we originally imagined. We know the future potential for our clients is huge. That’s why we’re committing our agency to this ONE BIG IDEA—Building Open Brands. But, more than a singular focus and point of view, more than proprietary tools and processes, there’s a passion that fuels us. A passion that fuels what we believe. And when our clients believe this too, we can create amazing things together.

Open brands.

Small words with big opportunities. Unprecedented opportunities.

But they don’t come without risk. Not without pain.

If we want to get more from consumers, we need to give more.

Open brands are generous.

A brand will never take the place of a best friend, but it can be empathetic.

Open brands are empowering.

Opening up means shifting course when the collective has better ideas than the boardroom.

Open brands are innovative.

Opening up embraces missteps as a means of learning and a quest for better, then best.

Open brands are brave.

Closed is old-school. Closed is single-minded in a world connected by many minds.

Closed was once a sure thing but now is an insecure thing. Closed lacks optimism, input and limitless possibilities.

We choose open.

Both as a business, and as consumers ourselves.

We choose to help our clients be courageous and embrace the journey.

To unite around the shared passion and participation that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives around the world.

Are you open to the possibilities?

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