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weThink Podcast: December 22, 2011

, Dec. 22, 2011

RI:Lab’s expert panel wrapped up 2011 with a discussion of the year’s Winners and Losers. From Google+ and Amazon to QR Codes and Charlie Sheen, the podcast covered the brands, technology and apps that shined brightly, as well as those that simply burned out.

Seamless and Simple wins Social
Whether its the frictionless sharing of Spotify or the ease and beauty of Instagram, the panel weighed in on what’s critical in social. Discussing Google+, Facebook Mobile, Foursquare, Gowalla and Color, the team weighed in on who’s winning and who’s losing, as well as what the latter group can do to get back in the race.

iPad isn’t the Only Player in Tablets
With more than 14 percent of all online Black Friday traffic coming from mobile devices, tablets are here to stay. Unfortunately, most of the more than 100 tablets announced at CES 2011, were losers. The Apple iPad was an obvious winner. But the panel said there were at least two other winners who, like the iPad, focused on content more than specs.

Mobile Remains the Center of Everything
While QR Codes and mobile wallets have yet to reach a mass audience, smartphone payments are delivering big dividends for a major coffee company. The discussion covered Starbucks’ 26 million mobile transactions, the ongoing digital mobile education of consumers and the need for better mobile imedia experiences.

Entertainment Still about the Content
While the streaming services of Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster all fight similar catalogue battles, the real winner may be Redbox. The panel discussed why this automated kiosk rental company that’s seemingly around every corner could win out, along with the lesson brands can learn from a Guinness World Record-setting celebrity.

One Brand Becomes a Juggernaut
Listen to the whole podcast to find out what company performed so well in 2011 that the panel granted them Juggernaut status.

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