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weThink Podcast: October 17, 2011

, Oct. 17, 2011

In this edition of the weThink podcast, the panel fills your ears with their previous Google+ predictions, a native app versus mobile web discussion, talk about Facebook mobile experiences, a look at the iPhone 4S and more.

Revisiting Google+

Three weeks into the Google+ public launch, the podcast panel decided to reassess their initial questions about and predictions for the social networking site. While three of the four panelists originally overestimated the number of people that would be Google+ members by now (approximately 43 million), none were surprised at the numbers. In fact, the panel members wondered if the overwhelming number of people already on Facebook and the lack of a differentiator between the two social networks could mean an end to Google+.

From Native Apps to Web Apps

The panel took on a recently written article that used the controversial headline: “Mobile Apps Must Die”. Though the team had strong opinions about the presentation and tone of the article, it agreed that the movement from native apps to web apps was a subject worthy of deep consideration. The discussion included dialogue about changing web standards, the future of ubiquitous connection opportunities and the need for a progressive shift.

Facebook’s Mobile Updates

Earlier this week, Facebook released its first iPad app, as well as updates to its smartphone app and mobile web site. The team talked about the changes and how they will help improve the user experience.

Apple iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 5

With the iPhone 4S being delivered, the team wanted to discuss why this newest version is special and why any consumer indignation was misplaced. The team talked about the one-million iPhone 4S devices pre-sold in the first 24 hours of availability and the features that drove consumers to speak with their wallets. From the improved camera to the artificial intelligence of Siri, the panel thought the world-record of “Fastest-selling Consumer Electronics Device”—held by Kinect for selling 8 million units in 60 days—could be in reach for the iPhone 4S.


Picks of the Week

Barce: For his Pick of the Week, Barce selected foursquare Radar, which helps users find places near them that they may not have know were there. Using new iOS 5 features, the foursquare app will encourage users to try new places, check in more frequently and use lists more actively.

Dan: This week, Dan’s favorite bit of technology was Tweet Speaker, which will read your list of tweets out loud. Not only does it let you focus on walking or driving while still hearing your latest tweets, it also looks at links and reads the title of said link instead of just telling you the URL.

Matthew: This time, Matt’s Pick of the Week was Disney AppMates, which uses miniature Cars 2 vehicles and an iPad to bring playtime to life digitally. When kids, or adults, place a car on an iPad, the car’s sensors let the person explore the world of Radiator Springs.

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