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weThink Podcast: May 5, 2011

, May. 5, 2011

In this week’s weThink podcast from Resource Interactive, the RI:Lab expert panel takes on a new Twitter acquisition, flash fashion sites, cable television, connected cars and more.

Is it Interesting?

This portion of the podcast features our take on the importance of various news items. Up for review this week were Twitter’s potential TweetDeck purchase, Amazon’s new fashion site and the age of ‘Cord Nevers’.

  • Twitter Makes Offer to Acquire TweetDeck: While the deal is not yet complete, our panel agreed that this potential move was very interesting. From Twitter’s need to speak in one voice to the potential ad revenue value, this is a social media event that has people tweeting up a storm.
  • Amazon launches New Fashion Site, Another flash sale site a la Gilt Groupe and HauteLook launches to give consumers access to upscale brands at sale prices. The team found this interesting for a variety of reasons, including the site’s seamless interface, integration with Amazon and potential social shopping elements.
  • Cable’s Real Challenge Is Not Cord Cutters, But ‘Cord Nevers’: With television ownership dropping, the team discussed a new generation that may never see value in paying for cable TV on a box in their home. However, they may still consume media on the go using various standalone services. This was, of course, quite interesting.

Cars Connecting Consumers and Brands

Recent developments, such as the new Mini Connected system, are taking consumer in-car experiences far beyond streaming radio and seatback video. The RI:Lab panel took an extended look at the integration of cars and technology, from location-based services (LBS) and car-monitoring apps to local search and proximity-focused deals.

Mini, maker of the Cooper and Countryman, recently released an enhanced Connected system that allows drivers to connect their iPhone to in-car technology that enables local search, efficient driving monitoring, RSS feed and Twitter stream access and more. Along with other car makers such as Volvo, Jaguar and Ford, Mini is helping to create in-car infotainment that allows users to connect with their social graphs and brands.

The team discussed the potential of connecting phones to car displays that allow the system to continually evolve with technology. This included an exciting chat around using driving data to offer consumers deals based on the way they drive and the routes they take, as well as integrating social graphs, calendars, gamification and nearby places of interest. Listen to the podcast for the complete, in-depth conversation.

Picks of the Week

Dan: The Qwiki iPad app uses existing information, such as that available on Wikipedia, and presents it in an interesting and engaging way. Featuring images, videos, statistics and even audio, Qwiki curates and re-presents content, transforming it from data into storytelling experiences.

Explore your music collection in a new way with the Planetary iPad app Matthew’s Pick of the Week analyzes your iTunes collection, then uses stars, planets and moons to depict artists and render a beautiful universe of sound while you’re listening.

Scribble, which lets users annotate web pages on the fly, was a secondary Pick of the Week. The similarly named Stipple, however, was Barce’s primary Pick. This tool enables distributed commerce by allowing brands to tag products in digital photos. Users can then scroll over the tagged photos, get additional information and even buy on the fly.

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