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The 10 Demandments

wethink_ram Resource/Ammirati, Building Open Brands Jan. 6, 2002

Our first book written by CEO Kelly Mooney, The Ten Demandments represents a long-overdue shout from the mountaintops on behalf of the people who can make or break your company—the consumers. A real-world roadmap for winning consumers’ hearts and earning their loyalty, The Ten Demandments uses customer narratives and real-world examples to help brands meet elevated consumer expectations.
So what do consumers want?

Here are The Ten Demandments:

1. Earn my trust… This is about respect, integrity, advocacy and quality. Forget all the others if you can’t master this one.
2. Inspire me… Craft meaningful emotional connections with your consumers through immersive experiences, motivating messages and relevant philanthropy. Inspirational brands that transcend their own products and services become greater than the sum of their parts.
3. Make it easy… Simplicity, speed and usefulness are the keys to consumer ease. Don’t confuse complexity with progress. The best things in life are often the easiest.
4. Put me in charge… Consumers expect choices and control, particularly from service organizations that can enable self-paced self-service. Put consumers in the driver’s seat or they’ll peel out of your parking lot without a second thought.
5. Guide me… Too much white noise, too little context—that’s the problem. So filter the chaos with expert advice, education and information. And stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your consumers as they move through the decision-making process and beyond.
6. 24/7… Anytime, anywhere access: That’s the ticket in this ’round-the-clock world. Nine-to-five hours won’t cut it for consumers who expect companies to be there for them all the time, no matter the channel.
7. Get to know me… You can’t win consumer loyalty without understanding what consumers want. Listen, learn and study up on their real lives. Don’t just dive into the data pool to get to know your consumers in a whole new light.
8. Exceed my expectations… Even demanding consumers can be wowed, so woo them by over-delivering through uncommon courtesies, surprising services and go-the-extra-mile efforts that show you really care.
9. Reward me… Treat your consumers like the VIPs they are to you—acknowledge and build their loyalty by rewarding them with points programs, privileged access or other winning ways.
10. Stay with me… Relationships are built not in a day, but in a lifetime, so stay with your consumers if you want them to stay with you. Deliver on post-purchase promises, stay in touch in meaningful ways, and evolve your brand to meet your consumers’ evolving needs over time.

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